Exploring Membership Class

The Holy Spirit is at work in Christ Church, making us grow in number and in energy!  Come investigate this work of the spirit through the Exploring Membership Class.  Find out what it means to belong to Christ through Christ Church.

Our next class will be held on Wednesday, March 19th.  Join us for dinner at 5:30 pm in Ascension Hall, if your schedule allows.  Then, from 6:15-8:00 pm, the class will be held in room 2 of 105 Market Street. Childcare & lunch will be provided.  You'll learn about the different ministries of the church, explore the faith, learn why we worship God as we do, and meet new brothers and sisters while doing so.  Everyone is welcome - long time visitors, spouses of church members, and new visitors.  To register for the class, click here and look for RSVP at the bottom of the new page.  

If you have questions about what church membership means or perhaps need to consider class on a different day, please contact Worship Arts Director Mary Day Saou (919-969-8820 x 224; ).  We look forward to getting to know you better!