International Outreach

International Outreach - Click on the links to read the page associated with each of these mission projects.

Beyond Our Borders (BOB) - Join this group of CUMC members working with missions outside the U.S.  Currently, BOB is working with five different missions in Londrina, Brazil, one in Nicaragua, and one in the Ukraine.  Click on the link at the start of the paragraph.  to learn more.  Contact person:  Ed Harland ( ) or Jim Anderson ( ).

Mission 1:27 - Fulfilling the Biblical call to minister to orphans, this mission focuses on our sponsorship of the Slobodskoi Orphanage in Russia through long term relationship building and financial support.   Click on the link at the start of this paragraph for videos, blogposts, and more about this mission that is changing the lives of orphans and "missionaries" alike.  Contact person: David Parker ( ).

Compassion Med International (CMI) is a local, non-profit Christian organization whose purpose is to provide international medical relief around the world. CMI believes that we should “ . . . comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God” (2 Cor 1:3-4). The next trip is March 6-14, 2014 to Honduras.  A 20 person team will travel with suitcases full of vital medicines (vitamins, antibiotics, anti-parasitics, Tylenol, etc.) to the poorest areas of Honduras where they will set up medical clinics in public elementary schools or churches. The team will visit an established medical clinic which CMI hopes to augment, and they will also support on-going nutritional and educational venues in Honduras.

Many hands are needed to prepare for the trip and serve – even if you don’t travel with the team.  Jean Davidson and her husband Ron are leaders of CMI and part of the CUMC congregation.  Contact Jean ( ) for more information.