Caring and Support

Stephen Ministry

Everyone experiences storms in life - a difficult illness, the loss of a loved one, a divorce, or the loss of a job. When these storms happen, they are much easier to navigate with support from a compassionate friend who has a good listening ear.  Stephen Ministers are people who help care for others caught up in the storms of life.  Perhaps you are in need of the caring, confidential, Christian relationship of a Stephen Minister.

Stephen Ministers are people in our congregation who have the gift of a compassionate heart. They are trained and willing to help you through a crisis by listening attentively as you sort through difficult life events. What you say to them is held in complete confidence. You would meet with your Stephen Minister about once a week for an hour to talk about what is happening in your life. There is no charge. This is purely a ministry of Christian caring.

If you would like a Stephen Minister or would like to become one, please contact Claudia Christy (942-0939) or Pastor Lori Cox ( ; 969-8820).


Christ Church Caring Committee

In a large community where it seems everyone is from somewhere else, it is important to have a church that cares and is willing to help out when those big and little life events occur.  Our caring committee is made up of people who love to prepare meals for families with new babies or for families who have a member who has been hospitalized, is recovering from a surgery at home, or may be grieving the loss of a loved one.

We also have a Card Committee, a group of people who extend the love of Christ through thoughtful cards sent periodically to ailing or struggling members of our congregation.

If you are someone in need, please let us know.

As our church grows, so does our need for people to carry out this ministry by preparing meals and visiting those who cannot come to church because of poor health or other needs. Our need also continues to grow for organized people who are willing to coordinate and disseminate information to our committee members so that we can better help our church family members in need.

If you are in need of this kind of caring attention from our church or would like to participate in this ministry, please contact Pastor Lori Cox ( ; 969-8820).  

Make a Meal for Someone in Need

Do you love to cook . . . and to care for others?  We have several members/friends who are in need of meals to help their days go a little smoother.  Perhaps they are recovering from surgery or caring for someone who is.  Maybe they're keeping up with a new baby or caring for an ailing parent.  Perhaps they are grieving the loss of a loved one and need to know the comfort that can often be found in a meal lovingly prepared.  Want to help?  Leslie Gallagher coordinates our Caring Meals ministry and would love to hear from you:  or 919-240-5994.