Welcome to Christ United Methodist Church and thanks for visiting our website. Christ Church is a vibrant and growing community of worshipers who are united by a common desire to connect with God and to understand who God has created us to be.

We are located in Chapel Hill in Southern Village. Our setting, located at the center of the Southern Village neighborhood on Market Street, demonstrates some of the uniqueness that make Christ Church what it is. Be it our steeple visible all over the community day or night or the church bells that ring forth throughout the day, it is our desire to make Christ known in every way we can. We are very connected to our neighborhood and our community, serving those in need around us and across the globe.

If you visit us in person you can choose from our worship services that span different styles, times, and locations. All of our services are united in a commitment to excellence, regular celebration of sacraments, beautiful music, and a mixture of ancient and future aspects of worship. It is our desire for each of our worship services to help you experience God in a sacred and relevant manner.

Christ United Methodist Church is a diverse community. We have members of our community who have grown up in a multitude of denominations and many who have never been part of a church before. You will also find a variety of races, cultures, and ages among those who call Christ Church home.

If you are looking for a place to worship, a community to belong to, or just a place to start investigating your faith and to ask questions of God, you are invited to come and join us here at Christ United Methodist Church. If you have any questions about the church, our services, or our staff, do not hesitate to contact us. Blessings!