From Your Heart

Mar 25, 2014

From Your Heart


Read: Matthew 18:34-35

Some time ago, someone hurt me very badly, leaving deep emotional
scars that took a long time to heal. While I found it relatively simple to
forgive this person in my head, my heart lagged far behind.

I found myself convicted by these words of Christ, a command to
forgive “from your heart,” something particularly challenging to me in this
instance. After much prayer and reflection, conversation with others, and
help from the Holy Spirit, my heart caught up with my brain, and I was
able to forgive fully, with both my head and my heart.

This experience has allowed me to forgive more freely, more fully,
and even joyfully! A song by Matthew West, titled Forgiveness, has proven
powerful for me. In it, West sings, “Forgiveness, it’ll clear the bitterness
away; it can even set a prisoner free. There is no end to what its power can
do.” How very true! There is no end to what the power of forgiveness can
do. This Lenten season, I challenge you to forgive from your heart as well as
your head, so that true reconciliation, with Christ and with your neighbor,
can begin.

Prayer:  Gracious Lord, help us to remember you by forgiving others as fully
as you forgive each of us. Amen.


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