A Joyful Spirit

Mar 26, 2014

A Joyful Spirit


Read: Psalm 30:5

You only have to look around you for overwhelming evidence that our God is a joyful and loving God. Being part of that joy is so awesome. The best way to experience, reflect, and share God’s love is to be joyful ourselves. But chaos, circumstances, and even our own actions can eat away at our sense of well being, remove joy from our lives, and separate us from God. Though we can never control all the circumstances, and chaos is simply a part of our world today, we can take responsibility for our own actions, that make us feel so removed from God’s love. God’s arms are open. God’s will is for a right and restored relationship with us. But we must turn toward God. Communication is the key to restoring our relationship with God. Simply ask God to forgive the transgressions that have become stumbling blocks and then ask God to restore the joyful spirit that you have felt missing.

Prayer:  Lord, teach us to forgive our own transgressions, just like you forgive them, and to seek the renewal of a right and joyful spirit between us. Amen. 

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