Through the Eyes of Koss

Oct 31, 2011

Through the Eyes of Koss

October 30, 2011
by Mission 1:27

As promised, here are just a sampling of the 3,000+ photos from our life-changing week in Slobodskoy. These particular pictures are through the eyes and lens of Koss Modenov, a renaissance man who has a magical way with the English and Russian languages…and yet can tell a strong story with no words at all. Thanks, Koss, for helping bring Slobodskoy to Chapel Hill, NC and Brosville, VA and Bruce, FL.

Opening Ceremonies


Looking for Hawaii

Learning about our States

Christy with a new friend

Andrei and Andrey


Ministry Center games


Listening and learning

Marri Helen teaching class


"Life is theater" - Galina

The arrival of the ceremonial tea

Staff Tea - Visiting Seven States (here is Maine)

Lady Liberty

"Shoeless" Chris Wood representing Chicago

Lyuba and Lyuda




Galina and her "friends"

Teacher of the Year, Support Worker of the Year, and Caregiver of the Year

Members of the staff - such great friends

Our final dinner together

Nadezhda - Hope...the purpose of Mission 1:27

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