Life as Wonder

Mar 23, 2011

Life as Wonder – by Koss

March 22, 2011
by Mission 1:27

Note: This post was written by Konstantin Modenov (aka Koss), another of our dear friends and interpreters in Russia. Koss is the hippest dude in the Kirov region and constantly “rocks our world” with his command of American colloquialisms. He’s an incredibly caring man who disciples another church in the southern part of Kirov. In addition to this post, take note of Koss’ (and others’) comment on Misha’s post from a few days ago. We are blessed to have folks like Koss, Misha and the other interpreters in our lives. Here is Koss’ post:

Now as I am reflecting on the past trips to Slobodskoy as well as well as to other regions, I find myself asking a question “When a child, did I ever think my BEST friends would be Americans?” Naturally, the USA was so distant geographically!!! And it was twice as distant through the mind’s eye of a child like me back then…Mysterious, out-of-reach and untouchable! And distantly distant was the dream of ever getting acquainted with globetrotting foreigners!I thought it was next to impossible!

Now when I see kids’ enormous joy when they play and fool around with you, when I see attention during a serous conversation, when I hear Tom or Doug or Mark or Craig practicing their Russian skills with a couple of kids in the classroom, when I find myself sharing dinner with kids and you, I realize one thing – “impossible” is just a word! IMPOSSIBLE is NOTHING! When a person is really passionate about what he does, he does it with whole – hearted devotion, when he covers a huge distance JUST TO BE WHERE HE’S DESTINED TO BE, JUST TO GIVE A HUG TO ALYOSHA OR SERYOZHA OR NASTYA OR NATASHA AND SAY HOW MUCH HE’S BEEN MISSING THEM, no boundaries exist for him!

Thank you for making kids believe that wonders exist! Thank you for distant dreams come true! Thank you for doing your best! THANK YOU FOR BEING FATHERS AND MOTHERS TO THESE KIDS! For every single kid on this planet deserves to be loved!

“To bring up a child in the way he should go, we should travel that way ourselves once in a while”. These words belong to the 19th century American humorist Henry Wheeler Shaw. You travel that way together with the kids and make the trip exciting and 100% useful! I am proud to be the part of the team! All the best to you and your families and…till we meet again!


Koss showing some of the kids' gifts to us

Koss with his girlfriend, Vera (and Craig)

DJ Jazzy Koss and his sidekick, Sir Misha-lot

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