Fear of the Known

Apr 06, 2011

Our team is just days away from departing for Haiti to help build a school. Overall, I feel very enthusiastic to meet the challenges that lie ahead.  I also confess to feeling some anxiety -- not from a fear of the unknown that you might expect in this type of situation. It's a fear of what I "know".  

      Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. Despite millions of dollars in donations that have been pledged, life for most people in Haiti has not changed substantially since the earthquake over a year ago.  All of this "knowledge" led me to question at one point whether what we are doing is really going to make a difference. Then I finally realized this isn't about what I can do or even what our team can do.  It's about what God can do. It's about heeding a call and taking a small leap of faith.

      Count me in.

     Dave Carpenter

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